Oliver Oefelein

curriculum vitae

Professional and educational background

2014-15   Lecture series and art exhibition of the group "Die OTTOs" (Angela Lubic, Ka Bomhardt and O.Oefelein) on the
                results of various projects at "Museum der Unerhörten Dinge" ("Museum of Incredible Things"), Berlin
2014        Realization of the group project "The intersection of Mynämäki" South Finland, promoted by a grand of
                the Kone Foundation and a residence-programme at "Saari-Recidence"
2012        Realization of the public art project: "M-ART-FORSCHUNG" in Berlin after winning a competition
                Realization of an "Art and Architecture" project for the company Eberspächer in Dresden, Germany
                Artist in Residence in Transsylvanien (Rumania) invited by the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin
2011        Artist in Residence at "Kulturpolis", the Cultural Communication Center of Klaipeda, Lithuania
2010        starting the curatorship of the project "Sascha & Andreas"
2008        Artist Residency "Syltquelle" on the island Sylt, Germany
                Journey to USA (Readwoods, Seattle...), together as an artist group ( Becker, Bomhardt, Wefelmeier)
2005        Realisation of a public art project for the new building of Wiesauplast Company, in Wiesau, Bavaria, Germany
2001        Förderkoje (promotion programme for young artists) at the Art Fair art cologne to realize the project: Whisper Room
1999+95  Scholarship from the "Stiftung Kulturfonds" (German Culture Foundation)
1997        Scholarship from the Berlin Senate for Science, Research and Culture
1992        three-month travel grant to Istanbul from the former Berlin Senate for Culture Affairs
1990-92   Kunst im Kontext (post graduat studies) Universität der Künste, Berlin
1988        Scholarship from "Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes" (German National Study Foundation)
1986        three-month residency in Spain
1983-90   weekend gas pump attendant
1983-90   M.F.A. Hochschule der Künste Berlin (later the University of Arts, Berlin) the Berlin College of fine Arts,
                Master's class student with final examination for fine arts
1982-87   Free University Berlin, biology student; studies in the field of protozoology (electromicroscopy)
1963        born in Berlin, Germany

Selected single (s) and group exhibitions, some incl. a catalogue (c)

2017       "Fussel und andere Flugobjekte" Galerie Ulrich Mueller, Köln; Ulrich Mueller Gallery, Cologne, Germany (s)
2015       "Twisting & Turning", Art Installation at Galeria Vanguardia Bilbao, Spain
2014       "Die Grosse Illusion", ("The Great Illusion") Art exhibition on the occasion of 100th anniversary
                of the First World War, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (c)
               "48 Stunden Neukölln", 48 hours Art Festival, Berlin Neukölln
2012/13  "Verschlauft, gedreht und ohne Kringel" ("Looped, Twisted and without Curl"),
                Galerie Ulrich Mueller, Köln; Ulrich Mueller Gallery, Cologne, Germany, single exhibition (s)
2012       "Nahe Ferne", ("Close to Distant Lands") Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB Berlin) (c)
2011       "20 Jahre Galerie Mueller", Köln, 20 jears anniversary of Gallery U. Mueller, Cologne, Germany
               "Sticky Cloud", temp. Public Art Projekt at the gallery of KKKC in Klaipeda, Lithuania (s)
               "Der doppelte Waldboden ll" ("Doubled Forest Floor ll") Kunstverein 2025, Art-Association 2025
                Hamburg, Gemany (together with Lilla v. Puttkamer)
2010       "Der doppelte Waldboden" at "second home projects", Schererstraße, Berlin
               "Collective Show" together with artist of second home projects, Los Angeles, USA
               "Billy kombiniert" with Anna Gollwitzer and Frans van Tartwijk, Kulturpalast Wedding International, Berlin
2009       "Von Wettermodellen und Ablaufrinnen" Galerie Ulrich Mueller, Cologne, Germany (s)
               "Expedition Nord"( together with Angela Lubic und Ka Bomhardt), Galerie Nord, Art-Association in Berlin
               "Backstop", Erzeugermarkt, oqbo, Berlin
2008       "Foam and Appearances", Kunstraum Syltquelle, (with Ka Bomhardt)
                Galeria Vanguardia, Bilbao, Spain (with Prof. Tina Haase)
2007       "Transramonien", Kunsthaus Raskolnikov (Public Gallery) , Dresden, Germany
               "Psycho Sculpture" Schmidt Galerie Berlin (s)
               "Variation der Wiederholung", Galerie Ulrich Mueller, Cologne, Germany
2006       "Material World", Schmidt Galerie Berlin
               "Emergency Room"- project at Galerie Olaf Stüber, Berlin
2004       "Reservoir Vlll : Rohstoff, Treibstoff, Kunststoff, groupexhibition in a former water storage tank, Berlin
2003       "New Works" Ullrich Mueller Gallery, Cologne, Germany, single exhibition (s)
               "Vor der Skulptur" Ullrich Mueller Gallery, Cologne, Germany
2002       "Whisper Room 2 " Lindig in Paludetto Gallery / Naumann GmbH, Nürnberg, Gemany (s)
2001       "sic!projests", Münch Gallery, Berlin, Germany
               "Home Made Stichting V/H Leeuwarden, Netherlands (c)
2000       "Art Award Hürth 2000" Kunstverein Hürth, Cologne, Germany (c)
                Galerie Ulrich Mueller, Cologne, Germany (s)
                Galeria Vanguardia (Vanguardia Gallery), Bilbao, Spain (with Ka Bomhardt)
               "Allegorie der Materie" (Allegory of Mater), Willy-Brandt-Haus, Berlin (c)
               "Made for Fun" Städtische Galerie Nordhorn (Nordhorn Public Art Gallery ), Germany (c)